Warminster Wobble 16 June 2018 - free cycling festival

Mar 15, 2014

One of the UK's top MTB display teams coming to Wobble

addo mountain bike display team

The Warminster Wobble is pround to announce that we have booked the ADDO Mountain Bike Display Team for this year's Wobble.  Sponsored by Ispired and TartyBikes, the Addo Team (Addo is latin for "inspired" by the way) are one of the UK’s top display teams, having performed at top national events.

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Posted by: chris

Few mountain bike display teams have the reputation of Addo. They have performed at many of the UK's top cycling events. And the word is they are planning a one-off high octane show just for us at the Wobble. It will involve balancing beams, huge gaps and showing off their best tricks.

This is just one part of the Wobble you will not want to miss.

Take a look at their website and see what's in store!