Pump Track



We, the blokes behind  the Warminster Wobble have decided that Warminster deserves a pumptrack, this page is devoted to the building of a pumptrack in the town park and answers questions like what, where and more importantly how?

What is a pumptrack?

A pumptrack is a man made continuous circuit designed to by ridden without pedalling, by simply “pumping” the bike, Mainly constructed from either dirt or potentially all-weather tarmac, it consists of banked corners built to carry your speed (berms) and large and small rises that can be big enough to jump or small enough to pump. The Layout of the track can be a simple oval, figure of eight or whatever the imagination can conjurer!


After extensive searching and questioning of locals, we have decided to focus our efforts on a space in the town park, next to the Skate Park. We believe this is the best place for a pumptack, it’s in the centre of town, parking is available (but please ride your bike), lots of lovely space and away from housing. There are a few disadvantages, access during contraction for example, but after weighing up the pro’s and con’s this is our decision. The area is owned by Wiltshire County Council and is currently leased to Wiltshire Wildlife, we are very confident we can get our hands on the land and have had some very encouraging conversations with the Councils Parks and Leisure department.


How are we going to build a pumptrack? How are we going to get the money to pay for it? How do we convince the council Warminster wants a pumptrack? How do we keep it maintained? We have decided to get a full time contractor to build it for us, why? They have the tools, the knowledge, the idea’s and the experience in materials and techniques. We approached some of the UK’s leading trailbuilders to come forward and give us some quotes. We are going to get the money from the Lottery and Sport England, to get the money we need to prove that the community want a pumptrack, we are going to do this by launching a public consultation, which also we will use to convince Warminster Town Council that it’s wanted, we are going to use online surveys, letters to the local council and simply names on paper.

Please fill out our online survey here: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/TV6JTCG

How do we keep it maintained?  We need to make some money to look after it, one idea is to run a summer race series in conjunction with the Warminster Wobble (29th & 30th June), hopefully get some pro riders and some sponsorship? Any other ideas please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you?


Here are some links to sites with some good information on: