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Bike Jumble

We are going to have ourselves a good old fashioned Bike Jumble!


Now i want you to honest with yourself, i want you to take a walk into your shed/garage/cycle dipository and take a long hard look at your collection of bike bits and bobs, are you really going to need that seatpost that has been sat there since summer 2011? Has little Johnny grown out of his bike? When was the last time you took that painfully fashionable single speed fixie rigid mocha latte coloured bike out and about?

You know deep down it's time for a clearout, imagine the money you could get for all that stuff you don't use.

We have the solution!

This year we will be having a bike jumble at the Wobble, we have shamelessy copied the format of other bike jumble sales, £5 will get you a table at the jumble and we will charge everyone £1 to get into the jumble.  The plan is to open at 10am to set up all the tables and open for 11am, be wary as parking is extremly limited in the town park and it will be very busy, so please unload then vacat the park asap, parking is available near by. 

The best thing about this Jumble is that all proceeds will go to Julian House, a brilliant charity that helps the homeless by geting them off the street and teaching them skills to keep them off the streets, they have an excellent Bike Workshop up in Trowbridge that is well worth checking out if you are around that way!

Please E-mail to book your spot!


In summary:

  1. £5 for a table.
  2. £1 Entry.
  3. Set up at 10am open at 11am.
  4. No parking, unload and go.
  5. Make money or find a bargain.
  6. Have a good laugh. 


Jun 5, 2015 Posted by: jon