Uk Champ Returns!

Chris in full flow!


We are pleased to announce the return of current national 4cross champ amd local Freeride hero Chris Smith to the Warminster Wobble 2014.  Cover star and contibutor to many national mountain bike magazines and sponsored by some of the industries biggest names, Chris will be holding a bike jam with a few mates in the skate park on the day and showing off all his full repitoire of tricks on the ramps!

Currently sponsored by Identiti Bikes and Endura clothing among others, these days you'll find him defending his 4cross title, riding urban downhill and making How-to edits to help those of us less skilled!

Chris has a bit of unfinished business at the Warminster Wobble, last year he attempted to break the world record for the longest manual ever recorded due to some damned annoying cross winds, this year he is motivated like never before to bring this record to the UK and to the Warminster Wobble!

Take  a look at what he got up to in 2013 and if you dont know what a manual is then watch him explain!

Chris Smith, Identiti Bikes, 2013 Moments from Id Tv on Vimeo.

Mountain Bike Skills-Part 1,How to Manual with Chris Smith from Id Tv on Vimeo.

Apr 10, 2014 Posted by: jon