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5 Things You’ve Got Wrong With Your Mountain Bike Setup

Warminsterwobble -  No new mountain biker will have their bike set up perfectly from the very moment they swing a leg over it, but there are some basic setup mistakes…

Immerse Yourself In The UK’s Toughest Endurance Race With Shimano’s Beautiful GBDURO Documentary

Warminsterwobble - Immerse yourself in the UK's toughest endurance race with Shimano's beautiful GBDURO documentary. How Mark Beaumont won the grueling off-road end-to-end race shimano’s 20-minute documentary Maiden Race showcases…

The 2022 Focus Jam2 Ebike Receives a Major Overhaul

Warminsterwobble -The new Focus Jam2 7Series electric mountain bike range sees a total overhaul, adopting 29in wheels across the board, Shimano’s EP8 motor system and a neat new cable integration…

How To Make Your Bike More Comfortable

Warminsterwobble -  Riding your bike is a wonderful thing, but discomfort as a result of a sub-par bike fit or setup will totally undermine your enjoyment of the activity.

Does Cycling Shoe Stiffness Actually Matter?

Warminsterwobble - It’s long been assumed that stiff clipless cycling shoes offer increased performance and efficiency benefits compared to more flexible shoes. However, a new study from the Department of…

Swollen Eyelids, Toes And Hands: Here’s What Ultracycling Does To Your Body

Warminsterwobble -  Swollen eyelids, toes and hands: Here's what ultracycling does to your body, study conducted by Fiona Kolbinger and team reveals swelling to be common amongst ultracyclists.

Canyon lLaunches 2022 Grail Gravel Bike

Warminsterwobble -  Canyon launches 2022 Grail gravel bike plus a proper kids' race bike. A gravel bike for all seasons and one seriously cool junior-legal road racer.

The Best Winter Mountain Bike Jerseys 2021

Warminsterwobble - Mountain biking in the coldest months isn’t always the most pleasant experience, and having one of the best winter mountain biking jerseys at your disposal makes a big…

Top Five Indoor Training Tips

Warminsterwobble - It’s a cliché, but indoor cycling’s reputation for being mind-numbingly boring was previously well earned.

Softshell vs Hardshell Jackets: What’s The Difference?

Warminsterwobble - If you’re planning to ride in cold or wet weather, you’ll want to get your kit right in order to stay warm and dry. However, there’s a bewildering…