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650b vs 700c For Gravel Riding : Which is Best For You?


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Warminsterwobble – Diverging from their street-going ancestors, gravel motorcycles provide a preference of wheel sizes: the same old 700c as visible on street motorcycles, or barely smaller 650b – with many gravel frames designed so that it will accommodate both.

You can frequently select among those gravel wheel sizes whilst ordering your new gravel motormotorcycle setup, too.

What are the variations among those hoop sizes, and what are the professionals and cons of every? Should you’ve got got a fixed of every with exclusive tyres for tackling exclusive terrain? Here, we take an in-intensity appearance that will help you determine which can be the nice gravel wheels to your rig.

What is 650b?

Even a few top-quit wheelsets – which includes the pictured Roval Terra CLX EVO – may be had in 650b. What does 650b truly mean? The call for those wheels – that are basically the identical element as 27.5in mountain motormotorcycle wheels – is derived from a French sizing system, similar to 700c (29in equivalent).

The wide variety pertains to the approximate diameter of the wheel, along with the tyre, whilst the letter pertains to the approximate width.

We use the phrase about here, due to the fact this dimension consists of the tyre, that could range substantially in length in keeping with the tyre’s profile. To be greater accurate, from rim mattress to rim mattress a 650b wheel measures 584mm in diameter, with a 700c rim measuring 622mm. Bit much less catchy, isn’t it?

When we speak approximately 650b wheels for gravel driving though, we generally companion this smaller wheel length with larger-quantity and width tyres, as there’s normally greater tyre clearance withinside the frameset to house this chunkier rubber in comparison to 700c wheels.

Therefore, whilst in comparison to a 700c wheel with a narrower tyre, the impact of the reduced diameter of the 650b wheel rim is lessened because of this multiplied tyre length. Effectively, the rolling diameter of the 2 exceptional setups is normally greater comparable than you may expect.

Pros of Running 650b Wheels on a Gravel Bike

BikeRadar’s Robyn Furtado opted for a few Hunt 650b Carbon bikepacking wheels whilst checking out the Canyon Grail 6 WMN. 650b wheels are generally used along with wider tyres – withinside the location of 45mm as much as 2.1in (53mm) – as compared to 700c wheels.

This permits riders to run decrease tyre pressures, yielding stronger grip in addition to stepped forward consolation. A more cushion of air also can lessen the threat of pinch punctures, mainly whilst installation tubeless.

Greater grip is available in available at the rougher trails, at the same time as elevated consolation is mainly beneficial for longer, multi-day bikepacking tours.

Just as a few shorter riders generally tend to choose 650b tyres on the street for higher managing in percentage to the body length and decreased toe overlap, this could additionally be the case with regards to gravel riding.

Lastly, 650b wheels have a tendency to be more potent than 700c, because the shorter spoke triangle results in a much better construction.

Cons of running 650b wheels on a gravel bike

The extent distinction among a 47mm-extensive tyre on a 650b rim and a 40mm tyre on 700c.

As 650b wheels and tyres for gravel using are tremendously new, there’s a barely extra confined choice to pick out from, even though that is improving.

Most 650b tyres may be higher-extent alternatives (45mm and above), and typically characteristic a extra stage of tread, just like the 47mm WTB Sendero, which is largely a touch cross-us of a tyre.

If you’ve already were given a 700c wheelset, then you’ll want to fork out for a 650b alternative. Thankfully, there are more than a few alternatives available in the marketplace to fit maximum budgets, from entry-stage builds to bespoke, light-weight and race-centered carbon wheelsets.

Remember you’ll additionally want internal tubes to healthy your new wheels – whether or not that’s to your general setup or a spare in case of any tubeless setup issues. Check out our complete manual on tubeless tyre restore earlier than taking to the paths if this era is new to you.

Pros of 700c Wheels on a Gravel Bike

Some gravel motorcycles boast beneficiant clearances – 50mm with 700c wheels at the Canyon Grizl. As 700c wheels had been the norm for a protracted time, there is ideal availability of gravel-precise wheelsets at the market.

Axle-widespread incompatibilities aside, there’s not anything technically preventing you from the use of a avenue motormotorcycle or mountain motormotorcycle wheelset on a gravel motormotorcycle.

However, take into account that you’ll want to test the inner rim diameter earlier than you purchase due to the fact that in large part determines a wheelset’s suitability to be used with gravel tyres.

To be precise, ETRTO tyre standards (reviewed in 2020) advise 21mm inner-diameter rims for 29 to 34mm tyres, 23mm internals for 35 to 46mm tyres, and 25mm for tyres measuring forty seven to 57mm (as much as 2.2in).

Enjoy a super choice of tyre widths, tread and casings in 700c.

As nicely as properly wheel availability, 700c tyre availability is likewise better, together with an entire raft of various widths and tread options

Many humans declare that a larger-diameter 700c wheel will provide less difficult rollover, similar to a 29er mountain motormotorcycle setup. However, it’s greater nuanced than that in relation to gravel.

Of course, if each 700c and 650b wheelsets have been installation with the equal width of tyres – let’s say 40mm – then the 700c wheelset might have a extra outside diameter, and consequently extra rollover.

However, maximum humans choose a wider, higher-quantity tyre for 650b wheels, which drastically reduces this distinction among the setups’ outside diameter, and as a result the effect on rollover.

The different number one advantage of 700c wheels this is frequently quoted is the decreased rolling resistance, that is why 700c is the maximum famous preference in relation to gravel racing.

This is a chunk of a extensive generalisation and is depending on each tread and tyre width chosen, in addition to tyre pressure.

For a closer have a take a observe rolling resistance and tyre preference, take a look at out Simon von Bromley’s massive guide.

Cons of Using 700c Wheels on a Gravel Bike

Are you pushing the limits of tyre clearance with 700c wheels on your frameset? The downside of 700c wheels is that you may be significantly limited to the maximum tyre width you can fit. This may also extend to limits on mud clearance and space for traditional mudguards.

This is dependent on frame design, however, and many modern gravel bikes will have oodles of tyre clearance on 700c wheels.

650b or 700c, What’s Right For You?

Chunky 650b WTB Sendero tyres are proper to rowdier riders on greater technically hard trails. Just like any biking tools choices, the nice wheel length in your gravel motormotorcycle will rely upon what sort of gravel using you revel in and what you’re hoping to get from your break day the tarmac.

Wanna get rowdy and hit up a few MTB trails, or need to go a mountain variety with the entirety you’ll want for a week? Try 650b.

Looking to head speedy over smoother hardpack and tarmac without a compromise on speed? 700c will possibly be nice for you. There’s a lot greater to this query than in reality wheel length though, due to the fact these types of attributes also are depending on your tyre desire and the way this interacts with the wheel length.

It seems options are converting too, as James Heaton, WTB’s European advertising and marketing professional explains. “​​Our wider 700c gravel tyres are developing in popularity. Frame designers are developing motorcycles with increasingly more tyre clearance and it’s permitting greater riders to realize the blessings that include larger-extent tyres.

“Previously, it become in large part riders with 650b wheels that would revel in the greater consolation and grip that includes larger tyres, however it looks as if the sector of floaty amusing is slowly commencing as much as people with 700c wheels too.”

A wave of newer, rowdier and greater bikepacking-orientated gravel motorcycles, consisting of the Cotic Cascade, are imparting tyre clearances for MTB tyres with 700c (or 29er) wheels. Ollie Gray, Hunt Bike Wheels’ street and gravel emblem supervisor appears to agree. “It’s not unusualplace to look clearance for seven-hundred x forty five now, while multiple years in the past it become vital to run a 650b wheel in case you desired a high-extent tyre. Frame layout has stuck up, so going for walks larger wheels with larger tyres is less difficult than it used to be.”

According to Ollie, income figures display that 700c seems to be crowding out 650b because the de facto drop-bar wheel length. “However, I don’t suppose 650b will disappear,” he continues, “and honestly, I simply suppose a couple of 650b wheels may be a piece of a no brainer on the subject of gravel motorcycles. It’s a simply clean manner of creating one motormotorcycle experience like two.”

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