• Sun. Aug 14th, 2022

ALL IN Racing Partners With Rapha on Rainbow Socks For LGBTQ+ Inclusion

Warminsterwobble – ALL IN racing partners with Rapha on Rainbow Socks for LGBTQ+ inclusion Rapha will be the first brand to support the ALL IN racing initiative and aims to help cycling be more inclusive for LGBTQ+ people.

ALL IN racing and Rapha have collaborated to produce a limited edition run of Rainbow Socks in support of the upcoming #RainbowLaces day on Wednesday 8th December.

While cycling has become considerably more aware of disparity in gender, race and disability over recent years, ALL IN racing aims to ensure LGBTQ+ inclusivity is highlighted by working with brands, clubs and teams.

Stonewall’s #RainbowLaces campaign runs every December, with prevalence in football as seen in the Premier League.

Until now, it has also had a presence in endurance sports, albeit with a lower profile.

ALL IN racing is a new initiative within competitive cycling to help the sport become more actively welcoming and inclusive for LGBTQ+ people.

It is hoped that the limited edition run of Rainbow Socks will help everyday cyclists play their part to ‘make sport everyone’s game’.

120 pairs of socks will be publicly available for sale, available through the ALL IN racing website for £10.

Additionally, ALL IN and Rapha are providing a free pair of Rainbow Socks to anyone racing in the Clanfield Cross event on Saturday 11th December, given its proximity to the #RainbowLaces day and its status as a new, independent UCI-level cyclocross event in the UK.

The goal is to show that ‘allies and supportive voices already exist within the racing community, and to champion the teams and individuals who are showing support for underrepresented communities’.

Teams such as Montezuma’s, Spectra and Tekkerz are already confirmed as taking part, and anyone racing in the Clanfield Cross event can request socks via the ALL IN racing website.

There will also be a Zwift ride to mark the official #RainbowLaces day on Wednesday 8th December at 6:30pm GMT.

ALL IN racing’s Josh Jones is hosting the open Zwift ride with journalist Myles Warwood, in which they will talk about the initiative and the importance of activities like #RainbowLaces.

You can get involved, ask questions and share your own experiences through Zwift and Instagram Live (@all.in.racing and @pusher_of_pedals).

The initiative will formally launch in Spring 2022. It is set to include teams racing at all levels in the UK and a number of internationally recognisable brands.

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