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Assos Dyora RS Spring Fall Jacket review


Oct 10, 2021

Emma Cole Thursday, October 7, 2021 – 14:16

A race-ready, extremely comfortable and highly breathable autumn jacket

4.5 / 5 £265

The seasons are changing and so the search for the perfect transitional cycling jacket begins. Enter the Assos Dyora RS Spring Fall Jacket, a combination of a long sleeve thermal jersey and a softshell made for high intensity cycling during the cooler months.

The Assos Dyora RS Spring Fall Jacket boasts a balance of insulation and moisture control whilst also being less than bulky thanks to its close-to-the-body, compressive fit.

I wore a size L on its own and it felt like a second skin, but you could add a thermal underneath, or the Dyora RS Spring Fall Aero Gilet over the top, depending on the weather.

It’s true to size with a racer’s aerodynamic cut, a high front, and a long tail which provides full rear coverage, and I didn’t experience any noise or flapping from loose material.

What I particularly liked was the swathe of purple which lines the three rear pockets and the subtle geometric design which drops down either side of the shoulder blades.

Add in reflective taping on the front of the shoulders and micro-perforated bonded tape at the back for added visibility, I felt safe and secure in a racing position whilst battling the biting evening wind.

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Assos Dyora RS Spring Fall Jacket comfort

The jersey and softshell combination ensures functional, aerodynamic racing but also doesn’t scrimp on comfort.

The sleeves deserve a shout out. Made from Assos Sonic fabric, they mould to the arms and are ribbed which improves aerodynamics and also gives a flattering, comfortable fit.

The jacket has a bobbled inner core shell with a full-length double slider zipper which keeps the core warm and the raw cut hems with silicon strips and dots keep the elements out.

Assos Dyora RS Spring Fall Jacket breathability

Breathability is a key feature of this Assos jacket. The twinDeck construction offers a combination of insulation and breathability and the Diffusor shoulder vents draw in cooling air, preventing overheating and regulating body temperature.

For someone whose body temperature fluctuates massively, this jacket is a blessing and allows you to fully focus on your cycling.

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Assos Dyora RS Spring Fall Jacket bottom line

Assos has produced a slick transitional jacket for cycling into the cooler months and one which doesn’t skimp on performance. It is effortlessly comfortable, keeps off the chill whilst also being expertly breathable.

At £265 the Assos Dyora RS Spring Fall Jacket sits in the upper end of the market.

It is more costly than a Pactimo softshell and a Castelli or Gore long sleeve jacket so for something which you might only wear a few months of the year the price may seem unreasonable.

That said, the Assos Dyora RS Spring Fall Jacket will be a cycling wardrobe staple that you will want to wear endlessly.

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