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  • Stayer Cycles Is Dodging The Component Shortage With Super Niche Italian Drivetrains

Stayer Cycles Is Dodging The Component Shortage With Super Niche Italian Drivetrains

Warminsterwobble - Stayer Cycles is dodging the component shortage with super niche Italian drivetrains stayer offers full bike builds with Ingrid Components.

New Storck Aero GRIX.2 Gravel Bike Ditches Front Derailleur For Classified Internal Gear Hub

Warminsterwobble - The Storck GRIX.2 is an all-new gravel bike that ditches its front derailleur in favour of Classified’s Powershift internal gear hub, which the brand claims shifts within 150…

ALL IN Racing Partners With Rapha on Rainbow Socks For LGBTQ+ Inclusion

Warminsterwobble - ALL IN racing partners with Rapha on Rainbow Socks for LGBTQ+ inclusion Rapha will be the first brand to support the ALL IN racing initiative and aims to…

How To Ride On Rollers And Why They Could Make You a Better Cyclist

Warminsterwobble - Rollers are viewed with suspicion, incomprehension or downright fear by many road cyclists. But once mastered, they can provide a valuable addition to the winter training armoury of…

Why You Should Registering Your Bike

Warminsterwobble - Any bike is a significant investment. Unfortunately, bikes are also very stealable – they’re often ill-protected if not locked up properly, easily removable and hard to trace.

Best Waterproof Jackets For Road Cycling And Commuting 2021

Warminsterwobble - Cycling in the rain isn’t generally a pleasant activity but, unless you live in a desert, it’s an unavoidable fact of life for most riders.

Wahoo Black Friday Deals 2021 Save Up To 15%

Warminsterwobble - Wahoo is offering up to 15 per cent off its like-new refurbished and reduced smart trainers and smartwatches this Black Friday.

How Technology Has Changed The Way We Train

Warminsterwobble - Technology has been a driving force behind the evolution of training for the past few decades. The last four decades have seen a huge shift in the amount of…

5 Frontiers Of Cycling Science That Could Make You Faster In 2022

Warminsterwobble - This feature was originally published in issue 386 of Cycling Plus magazine. Science & Cycling is an annual conference that brings together cycling’s finest coaches

Cyclist Magazine Podcast Episode 44 – Fiona Kolbinger

Warminsterwobble - Cyclist Magazine Podcast Episode 44 – Fiona Kolbinger is a special bike rider, Joe and Emma talk to ultra-cyclist Fiona Kolbinger about Transcon, becoming a doctor and chocolate…