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Continental’s New Gravity Tyre

Warminsterwobble – Continental says it has spent 3 years growing 5 new tread styles for the brand’s Gravity tyre variety, which it claims can address the whole lot from dry hardpack to free terrain and mud. The new Xynotal, Kyrptotal both front and rear, Argotal and Hydrotal tyres also are to be had in 3 casing options, 3 compounds and 4 sizes, including as much as a variety comprising a whopping eighty one-of-a-kind tyres.

The Gravity tyre variety is to be had without delay consistent with Continental, with costs beginning at €59.95 on worldwide pricing TBC.

  • Tyre weights are from 1,000g as much as 1,290g.

Continental says the brand new tyres “provide riders a bespoke, no-compromise setup tailor-made to their using style”, which given the variety of tyres on provide, sounds approximately right.


Casings And Compounds Dor Different Uses

Continental’s new Gravity tyre variety consists of Downhill, Enduro and Trail tyre casing alternatives that are, possibly unsurprisingly, tailor-made for his or her respective disciplines. Each gives a distinctive blend of weight, rolling resistance and sturdiness.

The Trail tyres have a 3-layer carcass below the tread and layers withinside the sidewalls for path riding, at the same time as the Enduro casing ups sturdiness and consists of an extra apex layer that wraps across the tyre beads to boom snakebite safety.

The Downhill tyres get a six-layer carcass and apex safety in opposition to snakebites. The maximum rugged choice is the Downhill casing, with a six-layer carcass below the tread, 4 layers withinside the sidewalls, extra reinforcement and a shielding apex layer.

All the tyres are tubeless-ready, have a foldable aramid bead and are available 27.5in and 29in variants. In addition, every tyre is to be had with one in every of Continental’s 3 rubber compounds.

The Endurance compound is geared toward low-put on for path use, at the same time as the Soft compound is greater descent-orientated and gives excessive grip and occasional rolling resistance for enduro riders.

The SuperSoft compound rounds out the variety. Continental says it’s been designed for the maximum severe downhill trails and excessive-velocity use, supplying most grip. It is geared mainly in the direction of rear-tyre use.

Continental Xynotal

The Xynotal tyre is designed for low rolling resistance and precise tyre touch on hardpack, with ramped studs and siping, and a profile designed for a huge touch patch and traction.

  • Usage: Hardpack
  • Casing options: DH, Enduro, Trail
  • Compound options: SuperSoft, Soft, Endurance
  • Sizes: 27.5”, 29”
  • Widths: 2.4”

Continental Kryptotal

With differential the front- and rear-wheel tyres, the Kryptotal is a combined-terrain tyre. The the front tyre is designed for steerage reaction with stability, agility and controllability. Meanwhile, the rear tyre has a aggregate of shallow and steep ramps, and open regions to be used on light, free and combined soils. It’s tuned for braking, traction and stability, says Continental.

  • Usage: Mixed terrain/front wheel
  • Casing options: DH, Enduro, Trail
  • Compound options: SuperSoft, Soft, Endurance
  • Sizes: 27.5”, 29”
  • Widths: 2.4”, 2.6” (rear only)

Continental Argotal

Designed to shed dust on unfastened soils, the Argotal tyre has a extra open tread sample with deep studs, supported shoulder studs for cornering balance and tapered knobs for grip on unfastened substrate.

  • Usage: Loose soils
  • Casing options: DH, Enduro, Trail
  • Compound options: SuperSoft, Soft, Endurance
  • Sizes: 27.5”, 29”
  • Widths: 2.4”, 2.6”

Continental Hydrotal

The very last tyre withinside the new Gravity variety is the Hydrotal, that is designed for muddy conditions. It’s to be had with the Downhill casing, with the SuperSoft compound most effective and in only 2.4in width. As you’d expect, it has an open, deep tread sample for grip and to forestall dust build-up and sell self-cleaning.

  • Usage: Wet and muddy trails
  • Casing options: DH
  • Compound options: SuperSoft
  • Sizes: 27.5”, 29”
  • Widths: 2.4”

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