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See The Road Ahead With The Hammerhead

Warminsterwobble – A motormotorcycle pc for the virtual generation, Hammerhead’s Karoo 2 is familiar with what’s across the corner. Hammerhead’s Karoo 2 is a biking pc that plays like a smartphone. Pushing the bounds of GPS biking pc technology, it may manual you via unknown terrain with predictive direction technology and industry-main mapping.

At the equal time, its wise traits and intuitive interface provide convenient navigation of the unit’s many features.

Representing a paradigm shift in how cyclists get entry to statistics approximately the sector round them, Karoo makes use of a custom Android running device just like maximum smartphones and tablets, which means it feels right away familiar.

Its running device is subsidized with the aid of using superior hardware, inclusive of a super-speedy Qualcomm quad-middle processor.

Unlike much less nimble gadgets that war to evolve withinside the wild, the Karoo 2 majors in on-the-pass flexibility. Delivering seamless path imports from apps which includes Strava and Komoot, it effortlessly continues tempo with converting plans.

Turn out of your direction, and it re-routes speedy, whilst its pin-drop routing helps you to effortlessly regulate your vacation spot at the fly. Riders anticipate this kind of seamless and dynamic consumer enjoy from a smartphone, now no longer a motorbike pc.

Taking the Karoo out for a primary spin, it’s a characteristic we located ourselves calling on whilst sat in a restaurant looking rain clouds acquire at some point of a 200km audax.

Knowing the Karoo 2 ought to speedy deliver a bail-out path to the closest educate station made it simpler to discover the remedy to get again at the motormotorcycle and push on.

Know The Road Ahead

Whether driving your favored domestic roads or exploring someplace new, you’ll advantage from particular records on what’s up the road.

Follow a path and you’ll get clean flip-by-flip directions; even supposing you’re making it up as you pass alongside, you’ll nevertheless get hold of correct info of upcoming climbs.

Performance factors get hold of same attention. Key amongst those is Hammerhead’s different Climber feature, which mechanically grants the profile of any upcoming ascents along side distance to the pinnacle and actual adjustments in gradient.

It’s like having a non-public directeur sportif to manual you.

Ascents are damaged into colour-coded 100m sections, offering you with an schedule that is simple to examine even if driving at the limit.

Each climb for your path also can be previewed beforehand of time, assisting you gauge how lots exertion to install for the duration of the relaxation of your ride.

Ticking off from an auto-generated listing as you development, you’ll be capable of music your development for the duration of the day. KOM hunters will even admire the Karoo’s capacity to run thru Strava Live Segments in actual time.

Information from Karoo 2’s sensors is likewise well handled. Rendered with clean, minimalist photos and brilliant colours, the 3.2-inch display screen boasts two times the pixel density of its nearest rival.

The layout of every detail looks like a well-designed app. The Karoo’s facts monitors also can be customised in seconds to tailor the tool to the desires of person riders.

This lets in customers to view their contemporary metrics of their maximum beautiful and usable layout to them.

The anti-glare Dragontrail glass touchscreen is especially responsive, and the Karoo 2’s capabilities also can be accessed thru 4 buttons alongside the aspect of the tool, super if you’re carrying thick gloves.

Connect To Everything

The device is powered by two separate low-energy chipsets, with connectivity taken care of by a class-leading suite of BLE, ANT+, Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, and GPS options.

Internal sensors include a high-accuracy temperature detector, magnetometer, three-axis accelerometer and gyroscope, meaning quick and stable connections plus accurate data.

The Karoo 2’s battery capacity has also been expanded, coming in at 2,500mAh. This enables a 12-hour ride time in normal conditions, while quick charging sees the device reach 30% capacity in just 30 minutes, and 50% in an hour.

Internal storage has also been upped, the Karoo 2 coming with 32GB of high-speed storage – all the room you need to keep maps and data on board the device.

Its enhanced capacity means you can cram in a continent’s worth of free mapping, an invitation to adventure if ever there was one.

All In Hand

Other extra tangible layout functions acquire identical attention. The Karoo 2 is created round a light-weight polycarbonate chassis, that is blanketed via way of means of an incorporated elastomer surround to ward in opposition to clumsy moments.

Inside, light-weight laser-created antennas offer dependable communication, at the same time as charging is looked after via way of means of a resilient and water-resistant USB-C port, future-proofing the tool and contributing to its smartphone-like performance.

The end result is a unit that Hammerhead says is smarter and lighter than the modern competitors at the market.

The Hammerhead Mounting System looks after anchoring the Karoo 2 for your bicycle, having been designed from scratch to be stronger, lighter, and lower-profile than any current mount, together with the quarter-flip enterprise standard.

It now no longer handiest permits the unit to slip instantly into location however connects with a reassuringly fine click. Despite this near-immediate solving and removal, the mount is effortlessly sturdy sufficient for hard gravel escapades at the same time as final pleasingly slimline. Backwards-compatible, an adapter for Garmin-fashion mounts is likewise available.

Always ahead of the curve

The Karoo 2 makes for a great computer today. However, Hammerhead is committed to delivering consistent, meaningful enhancements to its customers, with bi-weekly software releases to support your ever-changing performance goals.

Bringing improvements, features and bug fixes, Hammerhead will keep your Karoo 2 on the cutting edge without the need to buy a new device, meaning this already comprehensive device will only get better.

Shop now at hammerhead.io, and use promo code CYCLIST-UK to get your free heart-rate monitor with the purchase of a Karoo 2

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