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Silca launches $85 3D-printed titanium MTB cleats for SPDs and others


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Warminsterwobble – Silca launches $85 3D-printed titanium MTB cleats for SPDs and others stiff, strong and light MTB cleats with a hefty price tag.

Silca has launched 3D printed titanium cleats costing $85 per pair (approx £63) that it says are lightweight and hard-wearing, ready to take on any trail.

Silca, the brand that brought us the computer mount for the ‘discerning cyclist that spawned some very silly memes, is known for its premium product offering, and these cleats certainly fit that description.

Made from 6Al/4V hardened titanium, Silca claims that thanks to the material’s durability the cleats are up to three times as strong and will last four times longer than the normal life expectancy of stock brass cleats as used by Crankbrothers and other brands

It’s worth noting Shimano uses steel for its cleats, and Silca hasn’t claimed any durability advantage over these. Indeed, SPD cleats are known to extremely long-lasting.

The Ti cleats have an internal hollow lattice structure which the brand claims helps maintain stiffness and strength.

The combination of this structure and the titanium reduces the cleats weight to a claimed half that of a standard cleat set.

Silca says the weight saving is 25-30g per set of cleats, so ideal if you are looking to shave off some grams, but a small gram per dollar saving if you’re counting.

The new cleats are available for Shimano SPD, Crankbrothers and Time ATAC pedals.

With a price tag of $85, these 3D-printed cleats don’t come cheap but if they last as long as Silca says they will, then they could be a worthy investment. Maybe.

The cleats will be available from the 24 November.

And there’s more

It’s not just cleats which Silca has turned its hand to, the brand has also released new bottle cage specific screws which are made from the same 6Al/4V titanium as the cleats.

At a claimed 1.5g per screw, these little titanium bolts are low profile but have 12mm diameter heads to distribute loads across a wider surface area than most bottle cage bolts.

If you are wondering which socks to wear with your new lightweight cleats, then Silca have an answer for you.

The brands has released a winter sock which uses premium wool yarn and has extra thickness in the toe.

Silca has also launched a new e-bike lubricant called Synerg-E which is claimed to be optimised for the high torques figures of e-bike drivetrains.

The lubricant has increased viscosity and added calcium sulfonate, which the brand says doubles the oil film strength.

It is also made from supposedly environmentally friendly pure synthetic base oils.

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