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The Hoozar Cruz 12 balance bike: the perfect passport to a lifetime of cycling


Jun 28, 2022

Sponsored 24 Jun 2022

Sponsored: Lightweight, safe and above all fun, the Cruz 12 gives young ones an ideal platform to take their first steps in cycling

Sponsored: Lightweight, safe and above all fun, the Cruz 12 gives young ones an ideal platform to take their first steps in cycling

The Hoozar Cruz 12 is a lightweight, innovative balance bike designed to help young children become confident cyclists and encourage a life-long love for cycling.

The moment a little one starts learning to ride a bike is extremely special, and now there is a balance bike to make that experience even better.

Pronounced ‘Huzzah’ and inspired by the expression of joy, the ultra-light Hoozar Cruz 12 balance bike is the ultimate young kid’s playmate and the perfect way to help build confidence in cycling.

It’s the UK’s lightest balance bike with a rear V-brake and footrest, and its air-filled, all-terrain tyres encourage kids to enjoy the freedom and adventure of riding from a young age.

Building confidence from the start

Created by British family-run business Hoozar, the Cruz 12 balance bike is made with high-quality, child-specific parts and is ergonomically designed for young ones so they can become more confident with every glide, while also having plenty of fun.

‘Many experts now believe balance bikes to be better than stabilisers for developing good balance and coordination in young children,’ says Gina Maxwell, founder of Hoozar Bikes.

‘A balance bike is intuitive for kids. Since they have their feet on the ground, they can develop their balance and coordination as they are not supported by stabilisers, and this builds the confidence to move from standing to sitting and then pushing off and gliding.

‘When kids glide along they have the flight sensation, which is the same feeling as riding a bike. Again, that builds confidence for moving onto cycling.’

Designed for kids as young as 18 months all the way up to the age of four, the Cruz 12 balance bike has innovative and thoughtful child-specific features.

A key feature is the easy-to-use footrest, which is in line with the pedals on a normal pedal bike.

This allows kids to steadily become more comfortable with lifting their feet up as they would when pedalling, providing the perfect practice step towards eventually using pedals.

The balance bike also has an adjustable scooped seat, which is ergonomically designed so that kids are positioned correctly on the seat to allow them to safely push off with their feet on the ground. It adds comfort and stability, creating a safe environment for budding two-wheeled enthusiasts to develop confidence.

Another notable feature is the adjustable-height quick-release seatpost, which covers an inside leg measurement from 30-46cm.

This not only makes it the ideal first bike for children as young as 18 months, but also means the bike can grow as the child does, ensuring they can get the most out of their balance bike for several years.

The kids balance bike also benefits from air-filled tyres, which provide a comfortable ride over all terrains, so little ones can glide safely and freely wherever they want.

A lightweight and stable balance bike

Weighing only 3.2kg, the Hoozar Cruz 12 balance bike is incredibly lightweight thanks to its aluminium frame.

This means kids can easily pick it up themselves and get gliding in no time, and once those little legs get tired, the balance bike is light enough to be carried home without difficulty.

‘Over the past two years we have tested lots of component parts for quality as well as weight,’ says Gina.

‘We wanted to ensure the overall product was as light as possible but that it was also robust and durable.

‘We have put together a combination of an aluminium bike frame and wheels to produce what is the lightest balance bike with a footrest and rear brake.’

Safety first

The Hoozar Cruz 12 is an incredibly safe balance bike for two-year-olds, boasting an impressive 14 dedicated safety features.

It has a rear V-brake, which is activated by an easy-to-pull, child-friendly brake lever on the handlebars. This is a great way for kids to learn to use brakes in a safe way. The handlebars also have comfortable, child-friendly grips and a bell.

The Cruz 12 balance bike has a steering limiter to prevent over-steering, as well as a padded neoprene protector on the stem for added safety should a little one stop suddenly.

What’s more, the aluminium hubs are secured to the frame with low-profile wheel bolts and all valve caps on the tyres have been removed for added peace of mind.

The Hoozar Cruz 12 balance bike benefits from a lifetime warranty on the forks and frames and is designed for easy self-assembly.

The perfect playmate

The Hoozar Cruz 12 costs £137, which makes it competitively priced when compared to other similar balance bikes.

It also benefits from a 30-day Ride Happy guarantee and is available in three colours: blazing blue, hot red and pop pink – the ideal girls balance bike.

The thoughtful footrest and rear V-brake combined with the bike’s lightness and all-terrain tyres make the Cruz 12 the perfect choice for any young child to take their first steps towards a lifetime of cycling, while having plenty of fun along the way.

With the Hoozar Cruz 12, little ones will never forget their first ride.

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