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Wilier Rave SLR: The choose-your-own-adventure gravel road mashup


Oct 13, 2021

Will Strickson 12 Oct 2021

Wilier's new frameset is being sold with a choice of allroad and gravel setups, making it versatile in nature but specialised in final form

Wilier's new frameset is being sold with a choice of allroad and gravel setups, making it versatile in nature but specialised in final form

Words: Will Strickson

The new Wilier Rave SLR can be set up as either an endurance road bike or a gravel bike, according to taste. Having previously teased the new design at Eurobike, the Italian brand has now officially started the party.

Wilier Triestina stepped into the gravel bike game in 2019 with the release of the Jena, built for tackling off-road terrain and prioritising comfort.

Now, with the Rave SLR, it's covering the racier side of the spectrum and it's so racy that Wilier is offering two bikes with one frame.

With a single 'light, responsive' frameset for all models featuring more aggressive geometry and aerodynamic refinement, the choice of handlebar setup, wheels and groupset determine whether it's a racy gravel bike or an endurance-focussed road bike.

Wilier Rave SLR frame and geometry

To create that versatile frame, Wilier borrowed from its lightweight Filante SLR and Wilier 0 SLR road bikes, using the same carbon mix and using 'special viscoelastic fibres' to make it as lightweight and reactive as possible.

Geometrically, the brand began with a classic road bike design before mixing in the important elements an endurance and gravel bike needs with a higher stack and slightly shorter reach than a true race bike, sitting the rider a bit more upright for better long-range comfort.

Wilier Rave SLR features

A few key details aim to optimise the build, starting with a choice of handlebars.

It's one of the key differences between the setups: the road bike has the standard shaping of the Zero-Bar while the gravel option gets the slightly heavier J-Bar that features a split stem, designed to keep vibrations to a minimum.

Both bar options are carbon, and they integrate the cables for aerodynamics and a clean aesthetic.

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The headset spacers split in two and have a special cavity so they can easily be assembled and don't interfere with the cables.

Finally the Rave uses the Mavic Speed Release thru-axle that doesn't need to be fully removed to get the wheel off, which Wilier claims saves seven seconds on wheel changes when compared to conventional systems.

Wilier Rave SLR models and pricing

There are six builds in total, with three road models with the Zero-Bar, and three gravel models with the J-Bar. Prices start at £8,580.

Wilier Rave SLR road

The road options all come with the Wilier SLR 42 KC carbon wheels with the choice then down to your preference of groupset.

For £9,300 you can get the Rave SLR with SRAM Force eTap AXS Wide or Shimano Ultegra 8170 Di2 with the top end Shimano Dura Ace 9270 Di2 groupset priced at £11,350.

Wilier Rave SLR gravel

There is an option for everyone on the gravel side, with an offering from each of the major groupset providers.

At £8,580 the Campagnolo is the cheapest with the Ekar groupset and Shamal Carbon wheels. The Shimano GRX Di2 and SRAM Force XPLR eTap AXS – which are 2×11 and 1×12 respectively – both come with Miche Graff Carbon wheels and come in at £8,680.

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